Birth control isn’t always 100% effective, and many women will face unplanned pregnancies. If you find yourself in this situation, you are not alone, and you do have options. In this blog, we’ll discuss those options so you can decide what is right for you.  

What Are My Options?

There are three options women have available to them when faced with an unplanned pregnancy: Abortion, Adoption, and Parenting. 


Abortion is a chosen elective procedure women may receive to terminate a viable (healthy) pregnancy. Like any medication or procedure, abortion comes with risks, side effects, and possible complications. Speaking first with a trusted medical professional is essential to safeguard your health and safety.


It may surprise many women that there are several possibilities within the adoption option. There are three types of adoption plans made available to you.

  • Open Adoption: You choose the adoptive family and can have as much open communication as you want with the child.
  • Semi-Open Adoption: You choose the adoptive family, but all communication is handled through a third-party adoption professional.
  • Closed Adoption: An adoption professional will choose the adoptive family based on your preferences, allowing you to remain anonymous. Official documents such as birth certificates and other identifying details will remain confidential.  


Choosing parenthood can sound overwhelming, but you’re not alone. Most people feel this way even when a pregnancy is planned. Many free resources are available to you to help you emotionally and financially prepare and care for your family should you choose this option.  

What Should I Do Next?

Confirming pregnancy through a medical-grade pregnancy test is the first step. Next, understanding what stage your pregnancy is in and ensuring no underlying medical concerns are present by having an ultrasound will assist in safeguarding your wellness. 

Above all, receiving professional medical care is essential to keep you healthy.

Where Can I Go?

At AscentCare, our doors are open to serve you. We offer free, confidential appointments with pregnancy testing and ultrasound services for your convenience. 

No matter what you choose, we are here to support you during this unplanned season. Schedule an appointment today and let us know how we can help you.