Often, when a woman is faced with an unexpected pregnancy, she thinks she has only two options, abortion or parenting. Actually, you have three options. Although adoption is the least known option, it’s sometimes your best. Take a closer look at the possibility of making an adoption plan for your child.

Reasons women choose adoption

Choosing to make an adoption plan, like choosing to have an abortion or choosing to parent, is tough. Adoption could be right for you for some of the following reasons:

  • You feel you are too young to parent
  • You’re just beginning school or building your career
  • You don’t want the day-to-day responsibilities of being a parent, but also don’t want an abortion
  • You feel you can’t support a child emotionally or financially
  • You’re in an unstable and potentially dangerous relationship

Where to begin

Your first step to learning more about adoption is to talk with an adoption specialist. At AscentCare, we can give you referrals to reputable agencies who handle adoption. 

Together, you and your adoption coordinator will talk about your current situation, your future, and your expectations for your pregnancy. A reputable agency or lawyer will never ask you to pay for any of their services. In fact, most states have laws that prohibit anyone from paying in exchange for a commitment to adopt. Make sure nothing is required of you financially.

Types of adoption plans

Are you feeling completely out of control right now? We get it. An unexpected pregnancy, dealing with pregnancy symptoms and needing to make a decision about it feels like you’ve completely lost control of your life.

It’s nice to know when everything seems out of control, you have complete control over making an adoption plan. As the birth mother, you can decide what type of adoption plan you want, who the adoptive family will be, and when the adoption will occur. No one plan is better than another. You choose the plan that’s best for you.

Closed adoption

Choosing to make a closed adoption plan means you want to remain completely anonymous. Some women feel, in order to move on with their lives, it’s best to remain unknown.

In a closed adoption, the adoption coordinator you choose will make all of the arrangements. They choose the adoptive family based on your requests and handle all correspondence and legal requirements. The birth certificate with your name and identifying information is sealed by the court.

Open and semi-open adoption

Open and semi-open adoption plans are the opposite of a closed adoption plan. These plans involve exchanging personal information with the adoptive family you choose. In a completely open plan, you share full names, addresses, emails, and even phone numbers. The two parties would have direct contact with each other. Together, you would arrange meetings and communicate regularly.

In a semi-open plan, you share first names, but all other contact is handled through your adoption coordinator.

We’re here to help

Adoption is a big decision. Get as much information as you can. At AscentCare, we’re ready to be the support you need no matter what you choose. We’ll connect you to local, reputable experts who have you and your baby’s best interests in mind. How can we help you along your pregnancy journey?

Contact us today, and let’s talk about the adoption process and your other options.