Having an unexpected pregnancy can stir up a whirlwind of emotions. Feeling scared and unsure about what steps to take as you navigate choices that affect your health and future is normal.

When faced with an unexpected pregnancy, many women might think that having an abortion is a quick way to return to their everyday lives.

While New York Medicaid does provide coverage for abortion care, it’s important to be aware that this decision comes with its own set of risks, both physically and emotionally, that can have long-term effects.

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What Does New York Medicaid Cover?

If your income is below a certain level, New York Medicaid will cover Family Planning Services, which include abortions. In New York, abortion is only legal up to 24 weeks gestation unless it is deemed medically necessary by a healthcare provider.

If you do not choose an abortion, New York Medicaid will also cover many prenatal and postpartum healthcare costs for at least one year after birth.

Ensure you understand the side effects and risks of abortion procedures when weighing pregnancy options. 

What Are My Options?

At AscentCare, we can connect you to parenting resources such as classes, material assistance, and support groups. 

Adoption also comes with extensive support networks. Adoption agencies and professionals offer comprehensive guidance and assistance, helping you navigate legal requirements, connect with potential adoptive families, and receive emotional support during this challenging time. AscentCare can connect you with a birth parent advocate who will be happy to sit down with you and answer any questions you may have.

Often, the birth parent’s living and pregnancy-related expenses are covered. At AscentCare, we can provide more information on each option so you can feel confident and informed about each choice.

Next Steps

At AscentCare, we offer no-cost, confidential services such as lab-quality pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and consultations on all options

Ultrasounds can provide crucial details about your pregnancy status and gestational age, which may affect your options.

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