Open adoption makes up the majority of adoptions in the US. An adoption being “open” means that no details about the biological family are hidden. If desired by the birth mother as a condition of her adoption plan, she may have a relationship with her child. 

Read this article to learn more about the different types of adoption, and what steps to take if you are looking for a solution to an unplanned pregnancy.

What are the Other Types of Adoption?

If you are considering adoption, two other terms to be familiar with are closed and semi-open. 

A closed adoption means that all details about you, the biological parent, are protected and cannot be disclosed to the child or adoptive family. 

A semi-open adoption is between an open and closed adoption. While it does not reveal identifying information about you, it does allow you to exchange information and communicate with the adoptive parents through the adoptive agency.

How Much Does Adoption Cost?

There is no cost to make an adoption plan in New York. While you will not be compensated for adoption, according to American Adoptions, an adoption agency can help you determine eligibility for having certain costs covered during pregnancy, such as prenatal care and living expenses.

Next Steps

At AscentCare, we are here to meet you where you are at. We can refer you to local adoption agencies if you want to make an adoption plan.

If you are still evaluating if adoption is the right choice, we also offer options consultations where you can learn more about what adoption entails and receive evidence-based education for other options in a pressure-free environment.

In addition to options consultations, our no-cost pregnancy services include an ultrasound, which is a great first step if you are still trying to decide on a first step after confirming your pregnancy.

This important scan can give you valuable information such as age, location, and viability, all of which can affect which options are available to you.
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