Our caring medical staff enjoys working with everyone in Clinton County. If you have discovered you are unexpectedly pregnant, we have good news. Less than an hour away in Saranac Lake, the women and families of Ausable have access to professional, medical pregnancy services at no cost. 

The Ausable community is little but mighty. But sometimes, we find ourselves in a difficult situation that requires someone outside of our community to support us. We’re here for you.

An unplanned pregnancy isn’t easy. You need compassionate people you can trust. Our medical staff is ready to assist you with no-cost pregnancy services, resources, and referrals.

Because AscentCares offers its services free of charge, we don’t make money off your decision for your pregnancy.  We provide unbiased information without a financial conflict of interest. Best of all, we provide the services you need in a completely confidential environment. We keep your private information safe and understand the importance of honoring your unique situation.

AscentCare Offers These Services Near Ausable

It’s best not to rely on symptoms alone to determine if you are pregnant. Even though you may have missed your period or have sore breasts, a lab-quality pregnancy test is essential. One of the services AscentCare provides is no-cost, lab-quality pregnancy testing.

Did you know it is possible to get a positive pregnancy test result and not be pregnant? The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) estimates that as many as 26% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. You can get a positive test result days or even weeks after a miscarriage.

The best way to determine if your pregnancy is developing or if you have had a miscarriage is an ultrasound. If your pregnancy test from AscentCare is positive, your next step is a no-cost ultrasound.

Your ultrasound scan shows if your pregnancy is developing, how far along you are, and its location. Knowing all of these things helps you determine your next steps.

If you’ve taken mifepristone, the first abortion pill medication, and you regret your decision, we may be able to help. We offer abortion pill reversal, which involves administering progesterone, a hormone that supports a growing pregnancy. Progesterone has saved pregnancies in many cases, and it may work for you. Don’t delay reaching out if we can help. 

Is it possible you could have a sexually transmitted infection (STI)? If you are sexually active, it’s very likely, and many STI/STD have no immediate symptoms. AscentCare’s staff cares about your sexual health. You can receive confidential testing and treatment for two of the most common STI/STD , chlamydia and gonorrhea, at no cost.

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