In New York, abortion is legal and protected by state law. The abortion pill, also called a medication abortion, is only FDA-approved if your pregnancy is up to 10 weeks gestation.

The Reproductive Health Act (RHA) allows surgical abortions up to 24 weeks post-fertilization unless there is a threat to the pregnant person’s life or health. Surgical abortions that are post-24 weeks would require a physician’s approval. 

You may feel overwhelmed with all of your options, but you only need to figure one thing out at a time. Take some time to research until you feel confident in your decision.

We can provide no-cost, on-site ultrasounds to verify your pregnancy’s gestational age so you know what procedures you are eligible for.

What Should I Do Before an Abortion?

Take a test to confirm your pregnancy to eliminate any potential doubts. The pregnancy test results can give you the clarity you need to move forward.

Because gestational age is essential in understanding what procedures you are eligible for, schedule an ultrasound before the abortion. Not only will it confirm the exact age, but it can also tell you other critical information about your pregnancy.

If your pregnancy is nonviable (and up to 26% of pregnancies end in miscarriage), you will want to schedule a doctor’s appointment for a procedure other than an elective abortion.

The ultrasound will also alert you to potential health complications, such as an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies are a potentially life-threatening condition and will require a procedure besides an abortion.

Schedule a No-Cost Appointment

Navigating your options can feel overwhelming. Choosing whether or not to have an abortion is a very personal decision and entirely up to you, but it can help to discuss it in a safe, compassionate space. 

At AscentCare, we offer pressure-free consultations where you can ask questions and discuss your options. You deserve to feel heard and supported. Contact us today!