Facing an unexpected pregnancy can be intimidating enough on its own, but having a partner pressure you into a decision can make this even more challenging to navigate.

Read this article for steps you can take to ensure your decision is out of confidence rather than fear.

Step 1. Assess the Situation

There are many different kinds of pressure in a situation like this, and it’s best to ask yourself a series of questions to make sure you’re viewing the situation correctly:

  • Is my partner set on the abortion and unwilling to learn more about other options?
  • Is he demonstrating any kind of abusive behavior, such as verbal or physical threats?
  • Does he have any kind of support system, such as a trusted friend or family member, who he can process this with?
  • Am I willing to continue with the pregnancy, even without his support?

It’s important to recognize that he may be initially reacting to the pregnancy out of intense fear or anxiety, so it may be helpful to give him some time or space to let the news sink in and then see how he feels.

If he is threatening or showing any kind of abuse, you should make your safety a priority. Take precautions before you even develop a plan for your pregnancy. Things like meeting him in a public place to discuss it or bringing a trusted friend with you are ways you can make sure you stay safe.

At AscentCare, we offer no-cost options consultations where you and/or your partner can come in to learn about your other options in a compassionate, pressure-free environment. 

Step 2. Get Informed

Whether or not you and your partner are aligned on the pregnancy decision, the law is on your side so you ultimately get to make the pregnancy decision.

We are here to help equip and inform you, so you can make a confident decision. 

If you are uncertain whether you want to choose abortion, adoption, or parenting, you should start by gathering key details about your pregnancy. We recommend scheduling a no-cost ultrasound where you can learn about your pregnancy’s age, location, and status.

These details can let you know how far along you are and if your pregnancy is healthy and growing. It will also identify a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, so you can seek timely medical treatment.

At the same time when you get an ultrasound, you can learn about local resources. For example, in many situations, there is material assistance available to women who choose to parent.

Step 3. Feel Empowered

After you have gathered information about your options and the local resources available to you, with or without your partner’s support, you should be able to make a decision with confidence.

No one should have to walk this journey alone. We are here to support and equip you to make the right decision for YOU. Contact us today!