If you’re struggling with how your partner might feel about your unplanned pregnancy, you’re reading the right blog. We believe there are essential steps to consider when contemplating how to give this type of news. We’re here to help walk you through that process.

How Do I Feel About My Unplanned Pregnancy?

Exploring your emotions and how you might feel about this news is an excellent place to begin. Most women feel nervous and may experience fear of the unknown; this is very normal.

However, individuals can feel many emotions, even all at once. It’s important to know there is no “wrong” emotion. Many times, it can take women varying amounts of time to feel comfortable with this news.

Understanding your emotions is essential in first gaining the peace and clarity you need.

Do I Feel Safe Telling My Partner About My Unplanned Pregnancy?

The next important question is, “Do I feel safe telling my partner this news?” Depending on your unique situation, some women may feel their partner would be upset, angry, or aggressive when given this information.

If this is the case, we encourage you to talk with someone you trust first. We recommend you seek a haven where you can be surrounded by those you are comfortable and safe with. You deserve to be in a secure setting, where you will be cared for.

Who Can I Reach Out to for Support?

At AscentCare, we give you support, care, and the time you deserve. We offer no-cost, confidential appointments with free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, options counseling, or simply here to listen. Schedule with us today and allow us to serve you.