If you have a friend facing an unexpected pregnancy, the challenge can be knowing the best way to support her. Do you give her space? Do you give advice? 

You may be one of the few people she feels she can turn to, which may be stressful as you struggle with the best way to help her.

Read this article for general and practical ways you can be there for friends. 

Keep Checking In

Your friend may be in crisis mode if she is dealing with an unexpected pregnancy. This can manifest itself in several ways: withdrawal, a sense of urgency to find the most convenient solution, mood swings, and struggling to find the best next step. 

Depending on her situation, she may not have a positive relationship with her partner, which could complicate her situation and compound her stress. 

The best thing you can do is act as a safe space and keep checking on her. No matter what she thinks, says, or plans, try to be gentle and non-judgmental. In the beginning, as she processes the news, she probably just needs a listening ear to be reminded she isn’t alone. 

Provide Practical Support

In addition to being a listening ear, you can provide practical support by ensuring that she is eating and taking care of herself. Bring her her favorite meals or coffee, or go out together. Text her to see how she’s doing.

Try to help her think through a plan. Be willing to sit in on conversations if she feels she needs moral support when she delivers the news to her partner or parents.

If someone tries to pressure her into a decision, be willing to stand up for her. This could be a vulnerable time for her, so make sure you advocate for her emotional well-being.

Help Her with Her Appointments

Make sure she has someone to accompany her to any medical appointments. At AscentCare, we offer no-cost ultrasounds, which give important information such as the age and viability of the pregnancy. These details can inform her of her options and help her decide the next steps. 

If she’s debating the next steps, we recommend contacting us to make an appointment with one of our caring medical staff to confirm the pregnancy and if positive, receive a no-cost ultrasound and options consultation, where she can discuss her choices in a compassionate, confidential environment. Contact us today! We are a pregnancy care center near Tupper Lake, NY.